Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Book Collections

Books are classified into fiction and nonfiction sections. Fiction books are classified into genres like mystery, romance, and sci-fi, even though all types of fiction are ordered by the author’s last name. Some genres are available in paperback; a large percentage of them are romantic novels, since a separate bookcase holds romance novels. However, most of the paperback copies of fiction books are donated because the library lacks sufficient funds to purchase and replace them, since paperbacks tend to fall apart very easily. On the other hand, the nonfiction books are sorted according to the Dewey decimal system. Another set of shelves holds the reference materials, but has recently been weeded of old materials. The extra space is being used to shelve upsize nonfiction books that took up too much shelf space with the normal-sized books. An adult reading area is located towards the west side of the library near the shelf of new arrivals and the periodicals. Adult patrons can sit, relax, and read their favorite magazines, journals, and books.

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