Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Multimedia Collections

The library also has an audio and video collection, even though the collection is still developing and growing. The collection contains different kinds of materials like music and audio books in both CDs and cassettes. The video collection holds a wide range of materials in its collection. Movies and documentaries can be found in both VHS and DVD format. Even though most of the collection still remains in VHS form, the library is gradually working its way to making the collection an all-DVD collection. Two study rooms are also located in the AV section. Because the library usually gets noisy after school, the study rooms are among the quietest areas in the library for someone who needs a quiet place to study. A newspaper collection is located near the internet terminals which contains articles from newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, and the Chicago Sun-Times, and date as far back as the 1930s. A photocopier is available for making photocopies of articles from these newspapers. Microfilm versions of some of the newspapers are available for use along with the microfilm machine.

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